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I had decided to keep up with the weekly posts but when God laid it in my heart to write this post,  I did not know where or how to start as this topic breaks my heart. To say the least, I have struggled writing this post putting it off for weeks, trying to write about other things but I have been unable to so, here goes. Did you know abortion was the leading cause of death worldwide in 2018? There were 42 million known abortions that were procured in 2018, 42 million!!! To give us some perspective, if 42 million Kenyans were to die, there would be only 8 million people in Kenya right now! 

The first time I heard about abortion I was in class 6, remember those counselors who used to go from school to school giving sex education? Yes, those ones, they came to my school one afternoon to talk to us sex and some of its consequences plus how people deal with the consequences which s you already know includes abortion. Back then it was rare for people my age to engage in sex leave alone get…
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In My Arms

12:48 am, our baby was born, I had waited for this day, I had waited so long to finally hold in my arms the baby that grew and changed me in so many ways for 9 months. After the scary miracle birth all I wanted was to be with my son. As they were about to take King to the "nursery" we later found out it was NICU my Gyna Dr Kagia, God bless her, told my husband to pray over King, as soon as that was done I expected to hold my baby but that was not to happen until hours -seemed like eternity- later.

A few things to note before we continue, trust your body, it knows what it's doing, it knows when and how to deliver, God design it that way. Apparently first time mothers labour for long so when I told the nurses I think the baby is really on the way they did not take me seriously based on their experience. My mum in law had to push them to check how dilated I was only for them to realise I was at 8 cm and about to give birth any minute. That's when they called my doctor …

Mandela's Birth Story

Finally he has agreed to write this birth story! I really wanted him to write it because my husband is a very sober man and through all the emotions he is still able to have a clear mind. This man is a gift to the world and to me. God more often than not uses him to show me what is in my heart and help me become everything God has called me to be. That's what visionaries do. It's what fathers do and he is one. Through him I have seen 1st Corinthians 13th come alive. He has his flaws yes but his heart is like that of a child, pure! I love how he takes care of our son, he has shown those after him what fatherhood looks like. Other than being my good friend and husband, he is a people person, a leader to many, I included in a wonderful ministry called One Desire and he loves and lives music. May God forever bless you.

Today he lets us in on our birth story as the Mandela's, we are truly grateful to God for our son King, who is such a blessing to us and to the world. Here goe…

Margaret's Birth Story

We are in for a ride guys, have you ever seen a premature baby? Well, my cousin hadn't either, he came as a surprise and so did his birth. This boy has conquered so much and we are all grateful to Jehovah for how far He has brought him. Here goes Ethan's story

Our Shujaa, aka Ethan Thanks for allowing me to share one of my birth stories with you. At age 30 after 2 kids we felt so blessed and were done having any other kids. I mean easy births, girl then a boy just as I had it planned. So I had a birth control placed, IUD Marina after the birth of my son. 4 years passed by and I was ready to get a new one as it lasts for 5yrs. But as fate would have it that never happened. One day, I got sick and for haha's sake I decided to do a pregnancy test which low and behold was positive. And the saga began. I wasn't supposed to be pregnant so the Dr suggested to remove the marina but this would endanger the baby so we left it. I was under close observation by the Dr.

One day I …

Njoki's Birth Story

My dear cousin who I consider my sister and friend shares her story on her first born's birth. I remember going to hos[ital to see her and how I got all the sausages mum had brought her because well, she did not want them then. heheh. She is a great mum to two wonderful children, Let's all seat and enjoy her story as we celebrate life

Elsie's birth
I was admitted on 28th April 2014 2 cm dilated, I  went to the labor ward but was sent to normal ward awaiting induction. The pain kept coming and going so I wasn't sure what to expect, I was open for anything. 29th came and went, and still no baby. 30th came and the doctor suggested the induction be done ASAP but alas my cervix had opened up 5 cm so I was taken back to labor ward and the drama began after induction was done thru IV (that thing is 😭😭)
Now back to labor ward I was screaming, shouting, crying, name it! The time came to be on the bed and yes the baby was coming but no, my contractions were not too strong. Lo…

Olivia's Birth Story

My new found friend Olivia, such an amazing mother to her princess. I have watched her raising her daughter with so much love and grace. today she lets us in on her birth story.

Here comes Princess Hawi!With my last EDD stating 21st December 2018 I accepted the invitation by a friend to attend a nyama choma hangout. Little did I know what was in store for me.🙈
At around 2.30 am I started feeling some rather awkward back pain but nothing close to labour pain hit me. I’d change my sitting position from time to time and the more I did this the more unpredictable the pain intervals were. It was now 3.15 am and I could not contain it anymore. I ordered an uber and off I went back home. No sooner had I opened the door than my feet decided to go numb. Why? Not now ☹. I could not move an inch. So I stood there hoping this would end soon.Minutes later I gathered some strength and I was able to walk in. Timbuktu had nothing on the distance between the main door and my bedroom. The pain was now …

Grace's Birth Story

Today we get another 2nd time mum, for her, things were not as easy but it was due to external factors, my heart goes out to her and I thank God she pulled through the difficult circumstances. here goes another cousin sharing her story. 

Well, every pregnancy is different as we get to hear from different moms and so was the case with mine. Being a mom for the second time felt so different because a lot was happening in my life at that moment. With my first son Austin, I got to enjoy every single moment of it since I never had any pregnancy related complications. I went about everywhere and did everything by myself. I recall two of my scans showed different dates yet so close but my baby wasn't ready to pop on any of the dates lol, so we had to go to the hospital and I had my induction done. That is when all went left and I had to go for an emergency c.s but I thank God all went well.

Coming to my second pregnancy all wasn't easy from the word go. A lot was going on at home so…